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Humanitarian organization DORA was established 20 years ago, at the beginning of the War in Croatia when the suffering of innocent children and young people had become unbearable.
DORA is the biggest non-profit, non governmental organisation whose basic program was to find sponsors from all over the World and connect them with children in Croatia who are extreamly poor, sick, without one or both parents, victims of hurrastment, etc., but unusually talented in different arias with great scholarly achievement.
The main goal of DORA is to assure that every child has the best chance for happy future. We enable this through full physical and emotional recovery from the devastating affects of their way of living by providing access to an education which will give them the greatest opportunity for a productive future. DORA motivate a large number of talented students to complete their studies helping them to accomplish their professional objectives.
DORA's achievents are:  throught our influence 7500 childen have received financial support, 1850 students have received grand - yearly skolarship for students who have shown extraordinary promise during their studies while living under very difficult conditions.  
In past 20 years we provide more than 5.500.000 € for help who needed, without  any provision. This number is already impressive, but the truth is that we are receiving every day more and more  requests for help, so  wishes  to help our kids could not come true without you!

DORA provide activites throught:  
  • sponsorship program -  financial support for small children (from birth to 18 yr.) who are without one or both parents and live in poverty. It consists of at least  500  Hr/kn each month and continues minimum one year;
  • scholarship program - providing grants to talented students who cannot finance their education. The grants consists of a monthly payment of 500 Hr/kn during one school year;
  • one time special needs financial support - to help families  who have children with life-threatening medical conditions;
  • humanitarian events - DORA organized fairs, concerts, parades, sporting events..., everything that could be useful in collecting donations for necessity of DORA's children.
Adventages  for sponsors are: tax benefits, personally connection wiht children while making a lasting investment in their future,   improvement of own image and expressing marketing awareness, safe investment and possibility to use data in searching for qualitative staff members, etc.
Join us knowing how to make a difference and  share the power of joy in cycle of children's strenght.


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